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We are focused on the needs of students – students at all levels of study, and students who are in need of any type of academic writing help. No matter what assignment is giving you fits right now, you can turn to to get the expert help you need. We are masters of academic writing help, because it is all we do.

Here is a brief rundown of what we can provide


Essays are the most common writing assignment students get. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are basic essays, which require no research – descriptive, narrative, explanatory, perhaps comparison/contrast, etc.

There are other essay assignments that require research – definition, persuasive, argumentative – essays that need information and data that must be researched and cited.

Whether you are struggling with a basic or research-based essay, we have topic-area experts with years of experience who can take your assignment and craft a perfectly-written piece. The complexity, vocabulary, resources, and structure will be just right for your academic level.

Term/Research Papers

Every high school student has term or research paper assignments in at least a few of their courses. By the time they get into college, there are paper assignments in almost every course. The burden is huge, especially for students who have part-time jobs, are involved in clubs/activities, or who simply do not have the writing skills to meet the expectations of their instructors.

If you have papers that are just too challenging; if you have papers that are for courses in which you don’t have any interest; if you just run out of time, we are on standby for you.

Based on your academic level, you will be given a subject-field expert with a Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degree, to do the research and create a paper you will be proud to submit.

Case Studies, Presentations, Lab Reports, Reviews and More

All of these types of assignments, though less common, will be a part of most students’ lives. From high school through graduate programs, students will find exactly what they need at

Once you place your order, giving us all of the details of your assignment, we will find the perfect academic writer for the project. You and that writer will discuss the assignment as much as necessary, until you have exactly what you want. And if, after you receive your final draft, you want any changes, your writer will do them immediately.

And There’s More

  1. Editing and Proofreading: Many of our customers write their own essays, papers, and other assignments. But they still have concerns about producing a piece of writing that is structurally and grammatically solid. That’s where we come in. Our editors will review your piece for structure and logical flow. They will make sure that you have a great thesis statement and good transitions. And they will correct any grammatical mistakes.
  2. Admissions Essays: These are critical pieces of writing that could make the difference between you and a close competitor. You need an amazing essay that will engage your readers while you present yourself in creative ways. You can count on our creative writers to do the jo for you.
  3. STEM Coursework: Upper-level math and science assignments can be frustrating and stressful if you just can’t figure out the methodologies and solutions. Whether you are a high school calculus student or a grad student in physics, engineering, or math, we have experts with Masters and Ph.D.’s in their fields who will not only find those solutions but will also provide explanations of every step in the solution process. And those explanations will keep coming until you are satisfied that you understand.
  4. Theses and Dissertations: It’s easy to get bogged down in the research and writing of these capstone projects. And yet, your degree depends upon it being finished and finished to a level that will gain approval of an advisor and/or committee. Most grad students taking on these projects do get help at some point, whether that is in the development of a research question, the literature review, the research design, the statistical analysis, or in the overall compositional structure.

Rather than put yourself through stress and anxiety that will slow you down, or, worse, stall you, let us provide a Ph.D. academic in your topic field. S/he will give you as little or as much help as you want, and you will end up with a work that will ensure that degree.

Benefits You Get with Us

Our mission is your full satisfaction, getting customized research and writing for the most reasonable price possible. Toward that end, we guarantee the following:

  1. Complete Confidentiality: We protect your identity with the latest security measures and never share your information with anyone.
  2. You have the right to request revisions until you are completely happy with your final product
  3. We have never produced and delivered even one sentence that is plagiarized. Every piece of writing is scanned with our sophisticated software.
  4. We deliver on time, according to your schedule, and guarantee that every last detail of instructions you give us will be followed.

Call us if you have any questions – we never close. Or just complete your order form and let’s get going.