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You’ve “arrived.” The coursework is finished, and you are now ABD (all but dissertation). Are you ready for the next 12-18 months’ worth of research, writing, meeting with your advisor and committee? Are you ready for the joys and agonies that are about to come your way?

A dissertation is a huge undertaking, and there will be times when you feel that you are “out there” all alone without the support and help you may need.

We want you to know that VIP Essay Service is here to see you through it all. You can call upon us for whatever type of help you need and get it in a “heartbeat.” Here is how we help dissertation writers every day.

Personally-Assigned Ph.D. Researcher/Writer

Every Ph.D. candidate who comes to us for help will first have a discussion with our customer support department. We need to know your field of research, so that we can locate and assign a Ph.D. academic in that field. From that point forward, we will help you complete your order(s) based upon the specific type of help you need.

Once your expert is assigned to you, it is up to you and s/he to discuss more specifics of what you actually need. Pricing will be based upon that and the deadlines you establish.

What Were The Main Reasons Behind The Failure Of The International Economy To Recover In The 1920's
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Help from Research Question Development Forward

You may be at the very beginning and still struggling with the formation of your research question. You may have your topic narrowed but putting what you want to do in the form of a scholarly question is another matter. Your assigned academic has formulated many such questions and will be able to help you with yours. You will end up with a question that both advisor and committee will quickly approve.


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From that point forward, you have the following tasks, all of which can be completed with our help.

  1. The Proposal: this can be a real sticking point with your committee members. They all have their own agendas and ideas about what they want your research to “look like.” Your goal is to get it approved quickly so that you can begin the real work ahead of you. There will be specific sections, as your department guidelines require. One of them will be a strong justification that your research project will contribute to your field. The committee also wants to see that you have a solid research design and methodology. All of this will be summarized in that proposal, long with a timeline for completion. We can get this done for you, so that the proposal “passes muster the first time through.
  2. Literature Review: this is a time-consuming task, and is often one of the dissertation chapters that students find most cumbersome. Fortunately, our Ph.D. researchers are totally familiar with the existing literature in their fields and can either point you in the right direction or can take on that chapter for you – your choice. We will provide as little or as much help as you want.
  3. Design and Methodology: You must conduct your own research based upon what you have designed and the instruments you plan to use. What we can do is help you develop that design and those instruments so that you are actually gathering the data you need. Further, your presentation of all of this data must be academically sound and in visual as well as text form. Once you have gathered your data, your expert can help you present it correctly.
  4. Statistical Analysis: This is where you prove that you have answered your research question and that there is a statistical significance from the data you gathered. This chapter is critical and must be written perfectly, along with the graphical depictions of your analyses. Because you have never done this before, it is important to get help from one who has – many times.
  5. Introduction and Conclusion: These are written last. Your introduction must be intriguing, stating your research question and providing a preliminary description of what you have done in order to demonstrate significance. You must capture the reader’s attention. Your conclusion wraps up your entire project, must be well-organized, and point future researchers in good directions. If you struggle with either of these chapters, you can count on us.
  6. The Abstract: the final piece, but an important one. You want future researchers to have a clear picture of what you did and what you proved. And it must all be done in a one-page summary. This can be one of the hardest pieces to craft, because you are so intimately and emotionally attached to your project. Get the help you need from a more objective source – your personally assigned Ph.D.

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There are lots of online academic writing companies out there. They provide students with all types of products and services. But very few can provide dissertation services because they simply do not have the research and writing staff (although they pretend they do).

Don’t risk this huge project to a service that claims it can produce your dissertation quickly and without lots of collaboration between you and a Ph.D. researcher in your field. It just cannot happen.

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