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Students get nervous about the essays and papers that they have written and need to turn in for a grade. Much of that nervousness comes from their worry about their composition skills.

Let’s Face It

Only a minority of students have the high level of writing skills that most instructors and professors expect. And grades are lowered because of poor structure and composition. It may seem unfair that you are graded on your English writing skills in every course, but that’s just the way it is.

There are also times when instructors return a poorly written piece of writing and require that it be re-written before being graded. Consider yourself lucky if this happens – you have been given a second chance.

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In any of these instances, VIP Essay Services is your go-to place for editing, proofreading and re-writing.

Here is what you can expect:


We have a professional staff of editors that we have staffed over several years. They are all English language experts with academic backgrounds in a wide variety of content fields, and they are prepared to go to work. Here is what they will do:

  1. They will first read the entire piece to get a “feel” for the topic of your essay or paper, the thesis statement you have crafted, and the supporting evidence for that thesis.
  2. They will evaluate your thesis statement for validity.
  3. They will look at the logical flow of your paragraphs or sections to ensure that there is coherency and fluency.
  4. They will look at transitions between those paragraphs and sections

The goal of our editors is to ensure that the organizational structure of your writing is scholarly and structurally sound. If they should discover issues, they will point them out to you and suggest changes that they can make. Final approval is up to you. If you want your editor to make those changes, s/he will be happy to do so.


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A lot of students believe that they have good content and structure. Yet, they are worried about sentence structure, mechanics, and citation specifics. When they contact us for proofreading services, they will get a personally assigned English grammar expert who will comb through the entire piece of writing, sentence by sentence and check for the following:

  1. Every sentence will be checked for correct subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement. The entire piece will be checked for verb tense consistency.
  2. All punctuation will be carefully checked and corrected as necessary.
  3. Any issue with word usage, vocabulary, or spelling will be checked and corrected.
  4. The citation format details will be reviewed to ensure that all in-text and end-of-text citations are correct; margins, heading, and title page will be checked for adherence to the required style.

Customers who request proofreading service will not be asked to approve the changes that are made. These are the final “polishing” details that are just part of   correct English grammar and mechanics. However, every change will be noted with an explanation, so that the customer knows exactly what and why changes were made.


This is a more comprehensive service. If an essay, paper, or any other writing assignment has been returned for re-writing, then it probably needs a major overhaul.

When students submit their assignments for re-writing, we ask that they submit the piece and also the instructor’s comments regarding what is unacceptable.

We then assign a degreed expert in the topic field who is fully experienced in scholarly research and writing. S/he will take all of the information and craft a re-write based upon what the instructor or professor has indicated is wrong. The student will receive a fully re-written piece that meets the specifications of the assignment, and we guarantee that it will be approved.

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Our Guarantees

VIP Essay Service wants all of its customers to be confident that we will give them what they need when they need it, and that it will meet all of their instructions. So, here is what we guarantee:

  1. All instructions that you submit with your order will be followed
  2. If you are not happy with anything in your final product, we will revise it for free
  3. You will always have our promise of confidentiality. We keep your personal information encrypted and secure. And we never share it with anyone.
  4. You will always have a researcher/writer with a degree in the topic field of your order, and who will always be a degree level above yours
  5. We will meet your deadline for completion or you will receive a refund
  6. We will give you a price upfront, and that price will not change unless you change the order details after you have submitted them.
  7. We will be available to you 24/7/365, and you will have direct access to your writer.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better

We are proud of our company’s mission, our principles, and our commitment to top quality. Our staff is as good as it gets in terms of background, experience, and academic credentials. At VIP, you will find exactly what you are looking for and then some. Give us a call or fill out an order for your first piece of writing. You will love what you get.

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