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Students receive assignments for research papers and term papers all the time. Exactly what the difference is between these two is blurry. Term papers are usually assigned based on a unit of study or a segment of a course, and topics may be confined by an instructor or professor. So, while a student may still have options for topics, they could be narrower than the more open options given for research papers.

There, the blurred lines kind of end. A term paper will require the same steps that a research paper does, and students do struggle with them for the same reasons – they have too many to do at once; they dislike the choice of topics they have; they struggle with writing; they have part-time jobs or other obligations.

It’s Not Easy

Term paper writing is not easy if it is done right. There are a number of steps, and you can’t skip over any of them if you are going to create a solid paper and get a good grade. So, let’s take a look at these steps and how we can help you get through them.

  1. Choosing a Topic

It’s pretty common for students to be given options for topics. Usually, the instructor gives general topic areas and then lets students come up with their own specific one. One of the best ways to decide on a topic is to look through your notes, to check chapters in the text materials, and then to choose something that you are interested in. You might also want to run that topic by the instructor, to see if that instructor thinks it is a good one.

There are also limitations. There are usually page length requirements. If, for example, you are asked to write a 10-page term paper on the Civil War, obviously, you will have to narrow that topic to some specific aspect that can be covered in 10 pages. If you are struggling with a topic selection, we can help.

We have degreed experts with plenty of experience in term paper writing. If you provide the specifications of your instructor, they can come up with plenty of topic suggestions for you to choose from.

What Were The Main Reasons Behind The Failure Of The International Economy To Recover In The 1920's
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  1. Doing the Research

Once the topic is identified, you have the research step. Finding the right resources can be a tough task. You cannot scrimp. You have to look for high quality journals, articles, and books, authored by top experts in the topic. This takes some digging and is not a quick process. But you don’t want to use low quality resources, because your instructor will grade you down for it.

And once you find those resources, you know that your note-taking must be very carefully done, making sure that you have all of your citations noted correctly.

If you are concerned about finding the resources you need, let us give you that expert who can find them and provide you with the notes and citation details you will need for your term paper.

  1. Turning that Research into an Outline

Now it is time to organize all of that research into sub-topics that will form the sections of your term paper. These should be organized into an outline, if only informal, so that you have a map of sorts when you get ready to write your rough draft.


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  1. Crafting the Thesis Statement

The other thing that must happen, once you have organized all of your information, is you must come up with a thesis statement. What is the major point you are going to make with your term paper. If you are in high school, a thesis statement does not have to be complex. By the time you are in college, however, you are expected to be more analytical, and you will need to develop a thesis that presents an opinion or an analysis statement that will be backed up by the points you will be making.

Yes, we can help you with this too. Our researchers and writers have created many thesis statements in their content fields and can do the same for you.

  1. The First Draft

Using your outline, you will now write your first draft. This will require good composition skills, an eye to making solid transitions, and watching the logical flow of the points you make. Start with the body first, and leave the introduction and conclusion for last. You will need to read through that draft and remind yourself of what you are saying, so that you can introduce it and your thesis statement in the introduction.

  1. The Editing/Final Draft

It’s tough to review and edit your own work. You are emotionally attached to it, and as you read through it, you may not catch some minor, or even major, errors. It is usually wise to have an objective person read your work. That’s why authors have editors. If you have written your rough draft and want an expert editor, just ship it on over to us. We have a staff of editors covering all topic fields, who do this every day. You’ll get a perfectly polished term paper, ready to submit.

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