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There are plenty of definitions of ‘thesis,” depending on the institution. Some students must write a culminating thesis for their Bachelor’s degree; most often, “thesis” is the major research project that students must produce to receive a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. In this case, it generally involves some original research that builds upon the field of knowledge in their academic discipline.

It is not unusual for a thesis to consume months of a student’s time. The process involves the following steps:

  1. The Thesis Proposal

Nothing happens until you decide on a topic for research and then narrow that topic and craft a research question/hypothesis. This must be approved by your advisor, at a minimum.

The proposal is the first piece of writing you will produce. And it requires very specific sections, depending on your department guidelines. In general, though, it will include the following:

  • A statement of your research question or hypothesis
  • A short justification of the importance of your research and its contribution to your field
  • A brief summary of the early research you have conducted that has helped you develop your research project
  • A description of your actual research project – the design, the methodology, and the method(s) you will use to analyze the statistical significance of the data you have gathered
  • A timeline for completion of each section or chapter
  1. The Literature Review

This is a more in-depth review of all previous research that directly relates to your project. It is probably the least favorite part of thesis writing, and there is always the worry that there is a piece of research out there that was not found and reviewed.

Many students contact us for help with their literature reviews because we have Ph.D. researchers in their fields who are familiar and current on the literature. They will ensure that nothing has been missed and can craft an impressive literature review.

  1. The Research

Your research design was outlined in the proposal, and this section or chapter will describe exactly how your data was gathered. It will also be necessary to organize that data and present it in a coherent, logical way, often including charts, graphs, tables, etc. Whether you have trouble with the design itself or its presentation, your personally-assigned Ph.D. scholar can help.

  1. The Analysis

This is where the “rubber meets the road.” You will now take all of that data and churn it through selected formulae, to determine if, in fact, there is a statistical significance in the results. Selecting the right formulae and then crafting a presentation of that analysis is another area in which many students ask for help. And they get it at

  1. Introduction, Conclusion, Abstract

There are the last three pieces you will write. The purpose of your introduction is to present your research question, of course, but it is must also engage the reader right away so that there is motivation to read on. The introduction should include just enough information to whet appetites but not give away the conclusions you reached.

The conclusions you reach are summarized in your conclusion. Other elements of that chapter include any constraints, nuisance factors, and any recommendations you have for future researchers in your field.

  1. The Abstract

You have probably read a lot of abstracts, so you understand that you must summarize your entire project on a single page. The point is to give others enough information to determine if your thesis is appropriate for them to read in full, as they pursue their own research. The issue is whittling such a huge project own to a single page. Your Ph.D. consultant can assist with abstract writing from scratch or by reviewing and editing one that you have produced.

We Review, Edit, and Proofread Too

Many of our customers have completed their theses, but they are also smart enough to realize that they should not be their own editors/proofreaders. They know they need someone in their field to read the entire work and review it in a number of ways. Our editors/proofreaders will review for structure, fluency, logical order, paragraphs structure, transitions, grammatical and mechanical errors, and make suggestions for customer approval.

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Thesis Sections/Chapters

There are common sections or chapters, though specific institutions and departments may have slight variations. But you know that you will have to have an introduction, a literature review, a methodology, a results/discussion, and a conclusion.

The Literature Review

Saving the introduction for last, most students begin with the literature review. This is the least exciting part of your project. It involves reading through lots of abstracts, choosing those that you believe will best fit your own research, and then reviewing them in total. The challenges in this process are reviewing studies that end up not relevant enough to include or failing to include an important study that is fully relevant. Then, of course, there is the write up. It is rather like a laborious research paper, and through it all you must indicate how and why each piece of research relates to what you will study.

One of the most common requests we receive is for assistance with literature reviews. Our Ph.D. researchers are all field specialists, and yours will be a scholar in your research area. S/he is current in all of the relevant research and will be able to provide you with the literature you should include in your review. In addition to that, should you need assistance in composing that review, you can order up that help as well.


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The Methodology

Your design and methodology must be included in your proposal and this section/chapter details that methodology and the data you collect through your study. This data must be reported both in text and graphical form. Once you gather your data, your Ph.D. specialist can help you report it properly, in both formats. Submit that data, and place your order for the help you need.


This can be the difficult challenge, for it will require the statistical analysis and the write-up of that analysis, again in text and graphical form. While software now crunches those numbers, you still must determine which formulae to use and insert your numbers in the right places. The goal is that your results will show a statistical significance. Our thesis writing service provides any and all help that you may need with your results/discussion. Again, you have an assigned Ph.D. in your research field who will provide that assistance.


Here you will need to assert that your study has been significant and that it has contributed to your field. At the same time, you will need to address any constraints and/or nuisance factors and, as well, provide recommendations for future research.

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